Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"It's either a baby or a puppy"

I was feeling like my baby was growing up and had a void that needed to be filled. I told Josh that he was either going to have to give me a baby or a puppy. He choose a puppy. The only problem with this is that we had different ideas of what made a good dog. I wanted somethig small that could cuddle with me while watching TV, he wanted a large breed dog. I wanted a short haired dog, he wanted a long haired dog. I wanted something with rolls, he did not. How in the world would we compromise? Me being single for so long was not use to considering someone else's feelings. In my old days if I wanted something I would go out and get it. Now that I am in a relationship I had to consider Josh and his feelings. I searched the internet for weeks for the perfect puppy. Every time I found one I liked Josh did not like it. One day I came across a picture of the most adorable puppy I have ever seen. I eagerly waited for Josh to get home so he could see what I was so excited about. Josh took one look at the price of him and was not as excited as I had been. So I had to keep searching. This went on for what seemed like ever! I kept thinking about that cute little puppy...and finally a few weeks later I saw his picture again! This time the price had dropped!! I again showed Josh the picture and he admitted he thought he was kinda cute. That settled it, I was calling to find out about the puppy. The next day I went shopping for puppy supplies, and that evening off we went to The Dalles. We came home with the most adorable puppy ever! Finally I felt like that void was filled. Since I picked out our puppy I let Josh name him. He choose Gimli. (It's from Lord of the Rings) At first I was not thrilled about the name, but it totally suites him. I was just so happy to have my adorable little puppy.

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