Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"It's either a baby or a puppy"

I was feeling like my baby was growing up and had a void that needed to be filled. I told Josh that he was either going to have to give me a baby or a puppy. He choose a puppy. The only problem with this is that we had different ideas of what made a good dog. I wanted somethig small that could cuddle with me while watching TV, he wanted a large breed dog. I wanted a short haired dog, he wanted a long haired dog. I wanted something with rolls, he did not. How in the world would we compromise? Me being single for so long was not use to considering someone else's feelings. In my old days if I wanted something I would go out and get it. Now that I am in a relationship I had to consider Josh and his feelings. I searched the internet for weeks for the perfect puppy. Every time I found one I liked Josh did not like it. One day I came across a picture of the most adorable puppy I have ever seen. I eagerly waited for Josh to get home so he could see what I was so excited about. Josh took one look at the price of him and was not as excited as I had been. So I had to keep searching. This went on for what seemed like ever! I kept thinking about that cute little puppy...and finally a few weeks later I saw his picture again! This time the price had dropped!! I again showed Josh the picture and he admitted he thought he was kinda cute. That settled it, I was calling to find out about the puppy. The next day I went shopping for puppy supplies, and that evening off we went to The Dalles. We came home with the most adorable puppy ever! Finally I felt like that void was filled. Since I picked out our puppy I let Josh name him. He choose Gimli. (It's from Lord of the Rings) At first I was not thrilled about the name, but it totally suites him. I was just so happy to have my adorable little puppy.

Zoo Trip

We were going to the Zoo! I just love going there, looking at all of the animals. No matter how many times I am there, I always seem to find something new the next time I go. Logan was very eager to see if he could find an Elk.
He really wanted to shoot it, but we had to discourage him from doing that. It happened to be Josh's nieces birthday so we met up with all of his family members and away we went. It was nice being with the family, but I would much rather go with a small group. I find it easier to see everything that I want to see that way. I'm the type of person to get in, get out, get it done and go home. One of our stops was at the farm yard. There are lots of farm animals that you can pet and feed. This awesome tractor was for kids to sit on.
After waiting his turn Logan finally got to get on the tractor. I figured it was perfect timing for a picture!
I could not believe that the weather was cooperating with us! Every time I have ever been to the Zoo it has rained, but not today! We were lucky.

Carnival fun

One of our favorite Saturday activities is driving around looking for garage sales. On this Saturday we came across a church having a carnival. It said it was free to the public so we decided to stop and check it out.

I am really glad we did! This was one of the best "free" events we have been to in a long time! There were tons of games for the kids, and adults alike. Logan just loved the bounce house. Josh and Logan had a "sword" fight.

I really do not remember who was the winner. I guess we were all winners that day. Besides the games there was food! No one can turn down free hot dogs (delicious) and chips and soda, right? I guess the best part was we were spending the day together as a family. Having fun.


What better way to spend Spring Break then by going to the beach? We packed up the car and headed to the Oregon Coast. It was a long drive for poor Logan, who was not use to traveling farther than to the store. Not long into our trip he began to ask the dreaded question: "Are we almost there?" Both Josh and I laughed.. we had only just crossed the bridge into Oregon. We knew it was going to be a VERY long drive if he kept this up! I told Logan that each time he asked that question it would take LONGER to get there, and if he wanted to see the beach today he should not ask again. To my surprise it worked! I think over the next few hours he only asked once more, and much to his dismay I reminded him that thanks to the question we would be in the car longer than needed. He got upset but did not ask again.
Finally we could smell the salty air, we were there! We searched for our motel. For the first night of our trip we stayed at the Shilo Inn in Newport Oregon.
We were eager to see the beach so as soon as we got our bags upstairs we
headed down there. It was cold and windy and the sun was begining to set but it was totally worth braving it. It was the most beautiful sunset I have witnessed in a long time.
Josh and I woke up the next morning not feeling so great. A massive cold was upon us both. After our Zicam we were off to breakfast, and then off to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. It had been a few years since Logan and I had been there, and it was the first time for Josh. It was another sunny day (at least for the moment) and we enjoyed all of the outside attractions.
One of my favorites was the sea lions. Not only was the water a beautiful color, but I just loved watching them swim.
Logan really loved the sharks. There was a tunnel that you can walk through and you are surrounded by sharks! They were even swimming under us. Logan was scared for a moment, but then he really enjoyed himself. It was so peaceful in there.

Later that day we visited a "Pirate" store. Logan was allowed to pick out a few pieces of Pirate treasure. He was so excited about getting to keep his gold.
The next morning after getting some much needed rest we headed up the coast. We stopped at a Cape Foulweather. This lookout was really worth stopping at. Not only was the view totally amazing, but they also had a little shop inside. I was a little terrified of going to close to the window on one side because I felt like the whole side of the shop was going to fall off into the Ocean.

Logan found a fortune teller machine and begged and pleaded for a dollar to get his fortune read. This being vacation and all we gave in and handed over a dollar. We took a video clip of it. It was cute, and at the end it spit out a small fortune card. I found this card two years later in Logans room. He really enjoyed the fortune teller.
We had rented a cottage for the rest of our stay at the Ester Lee motel in Lincoln City. The cottage was really cute. It was a one bedroom with a gas fireplace and full kitchen. There was a pull out sofa for Logan. I would LOVE to go back! The view was beautiful! The cottage sat upon a bluff so every where you looked was ocean.
This being our first vacation together we tried to make it as fun as possible. We took many walks on the beach and searched for our own treasure. The sun was shining and we took full advantage of it. We also looked in tidepools for creatures. You never know what you are going to find at the beach!

A few days into our trip we went whale watching. This is the one thing that I really wanted to do. I wanted Logan to experience being in the open sea while searching for whales. The first day we went to buy the tickets they were closed due to poor weather. This should have been our first sign that whale watching was not a good idea. We went back the next day and got our tickets and boarded the boat. At first it was a blast! The sea breeze felt nice as we were trolling out to sea. But soon our good time turned foul. The water was so choppy that Logan and I began to get sea sick! I started feeling woozy and had to go sit inside the cabin. Logan joined me and there we spent a majority of our time. Sad to say we did not get to actually see a whale, but we did get to see the spray of a whale and a porpoise. I have asked myself many times if it was worth it.. and the answer is YES! I would go again to give the experience to Logan.
We ended our trip by taking the self guided tour of the Tillamook Cheese Factory. It was neat to learn how cheese is made, and of course wonderful to eat the ice cream!

Our first vacation together was a success! Sure there were sneaker waves that almost washed my little boy out to sea, and Josh and I were miserable most of the time with a horrid cold. But all in all we had a fun time together. This is a vacation that needs repeating!

First Valentines

How do you celebrate Valentines Day while including your 7 year old? After all we did not want him to feel left out. Well it went something like this: Josh showed up at my work with a dozen beautiful roses and a dozen red heart balloons! Boy were my co workers envious! I had never received a bouquet of balloons before! It turns out those balloons were the best Valentines gift I ever received.
It was a chore shoving a dozen mylar balloons into my car and even worse trying to see around them. By the time I picked Logan up from daycare the car was full.
When Josh got home the fun began! All three of us had a Valentines Day balloon war. We ran around the house chasing each other and hitting eachother with the balloons. It was a blast!
I was worried that Josh would be put off having to share this romantic day with Logan. But that was really silly of me, he loves Logan like he would his own child. Josh makes sure to include him in everything we do. Why would Valentines Day be any different?

Those balloons stuck around for 5 or 6 months. As they lost their helium they would slowly drift down and find some out of the way spot to rest. I would find them one by one and relive that wonderful day in my memory. Balloons are not just for kids!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow"

We started our first Christmas together at our house. We had a great time watching Logan open his presents from us and Santa. After all of the gifts had been opened all three of us piled into the car and drove up to Josh's parents house for my first Christmas with the family. In their family they have the tradition of the youngest person opening the first gift and then proceed in order of youngest to oldest.
As you can imagine with the family the size it is this took quite awhile! I was amazed at the kindness his family showed to me and Logan. There were gifts for us to! I was very impressed by his mothers thoughtfulness to include both Logan and myself. Not to long after all the gifts were opened it began to snow. I can not remember the last time there was snow on Christmas!

Christmas Party

We had two Christmas Parties to attend on the same evening. One was for The Bank of Clark County, where Josh worked... and the other was at his good friends house.
I had never been invited to attend a fancy work party but was really excited to meet all of his co workers. Of course I had to go shopping and buy a new dress! This was our first time getting all dressed up, and boy did we look good!